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The project of U1180 is based on the study of signaling pathways in the adult cardiomyocyte, and of their modifications during cardiac hypertrophy and failure. The Unit is composed of three teams which work in synergy on complementary aspects, sharing similar animal and cellular models. Team 1 (Energetic signaling and cardiac and muscular pathophysiology. Team leaders: Vladimir Veksler and Anne Garnier-Fagart) works on energetic signaling. The goal is to better understand the modulation of energy metabolism and energy fluxes in cardiac and skeletal muscle cells in physiological and pathological conditions starting from the study of subcellular compartments and their interactions to integrated physiology. Team 2 (Cyclic nucleotide signaling and cardiac and vascular pathophysiology. Team leaders: Grégoire Vandecasteele and Rodolphe Fischmeister) works on the intracellular organization of cyclic nucleotide pathways. The goal of their project is to provide an in-depth analysis of cAMP signaling in pathologic hypertrophy and to define defective cAMP signaling events that underlie HF. Team 3 (Calcium signaling and cardiac pathophysiology Team leader: Ana-Maria Gomez and Jean-Pierre Benitah) works on calcium signaling. The goal is to determine Ca2+ handling involvement in the genesis of HF and arrhythmia. The general goal of the Unit is to better understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which physiological and pathological stimuli act on cardiac function through membrane receptors, ion channels, cyclic nucleotides, energetic metabolism and intracellular compartments, both structural (contractile proteins, sarcoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, nucleus) and dynamic. The characterization of the underlining signaling cascades is necessary for the identification of new therapeutic targets and molecules to improve heart function and clinical outcomes. This aspect is explored within the core facilities and complementary skills available at our Faculty of Pharmacy.

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